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It is a peaceful atmosphere that’s suitable for product research and evaluation. The environmental test chambers simulate temperature ranges from -100 to over 300°F (-73degC and 150 degrees Celsius), as well humidities ranging from 0-100%.

For the proper use of an environmental test room, it is essential to know what the purpose behind the chamber and the various types of chambers available and which type will suit your testing requirements. The two kinds of test chambers that are used in environmental tests are walk-in chambers and reach-in chambers. They are much larger than reach-ins . They can also simulate an array of different environments which require more space. Reach-ins can also be used in smaller tasks, for example, laboratory samples or items which aren’t as large.

Once you have decided which type of chamber you will use, it is important to establish the parameters of environmental required for your testing conditions. Vibration/shock tests and temperature cycling are two typical tests chambers are able to perform. Testing for temperature cycling involves exposing an item to cycles of extreme temperatures (varying from hot to cold) for a specified time in order to test its endurance and effectiveness under various conditions. Tests for shock and vibration measure the effect of vibrations on products in transit or after exposure to external forces.

Consider factors including the chamber’s dimensions in terms of power, size, ventilation controls, as well as system requirements in selecting an environmental test chamber. Think about the type and size of apparatus you’ll utilize, aswell as the sample sizes. Also, think about the power requirements required for the equipment to be used inside the chamber in addition to the requirements for ventilation to ensure optimal operation. It is essential to ensure that your test chamber has a reliable control system that can monitor everything that goes on during the test.

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