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For the high tide to sweep the cremains into seawater, trenches should be constructed at low tide. Many people choose to build a trench next to trees of emotional value or in an area with naturally growing trees. This is a common method for interring cremains at burial grounds that are green.

There are numerous important factors to consider in this form such as how the soil around the trench is likely to change, can it be considered transitory? (like the beach) or permanent? (such as the or a.) There is no need to dig in the dirt; try to aim for at least the equivalent of one to two feet. Make sure you use a marker that does not be blown away as winds can move the marker immediately, even if it’s lightweight. Also, ensure you get the landowner’s permission to dig the trench and carry out the scattering of ash.

3. Raking

The sound of raking ashes is exactly the same as it. Ashes are spread out on the ground after which they are dug in the soil. Exposure of the cremation ashes to the air and other elements allows they to be decomposed much quicker in the soil, and also for the nearby plants to soak them up easily.

It’s usually performed in flower gardens or at country clubs. If you plan on raking ashes into the soil be sure you seek permission from the owner of the land, for instance country club memberships if you choose to perform this ceremony on a specific club’s grounds. Be prepared to wait for the soil to shift, similar to trenching. Don’t want to rake in a lovely grassy area only to return 3 months later and find it a parking space.

4. Water Ash Scattering

The ash scattering process on sea is commonplace as it can be carried out in various methods, including scattering the ashes over the ocean, or on a calm lake. Others prefer carrying out ceremony while on the sea by chartering a ship from a sea-ash scattering service provider and head to a distance away from where the ceremony is held.

In order to prevent the cremains from flying into your face If you want to avoid the cremains blowing into your face, ask your captain about the ideal location is to scatter the ashes. To avoid blowing back ash think about getting an urn that is water-soluble from an f


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