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Studies show that emergencies and not planned dental care can trigger school closures of 34 million hours. Untreated issues with the teeth of Americans in the middle class could be the cause of a $45 billion reduction in productivity. This is a sign of the crucial aspect of oral health and emphasizes the need for proper oral hygiene.

Dental cavities may develop in kids even as young as four years old. When they reach eight, nearly five-fifths of children experienced at least one tooth cavity. Inadequate dental hygiene can lead to for the most dangerous conditions, including severe dental disease and loss of teeth. All adults suffer from one or all of these issues throughout their lives.

Oral illnesses and the resulting complications impact up to 3.5 billion people worldwide. This is approximately 50% of the population. The number of children suffering from tooth decay and other gum-related concerns. Also, the number of cases is between 300 and 700 new cases of oral cancer each year.

Proper oral hygiene is the best preventive measure in the fight against dental disease, and can prevent a variety of complications. This enhances the interpersonal relationships as well as increases employment possibilities.

How to Clean Your Teeth at Home Like a Dentist

Just five minutes a day to clean your teeth. This process can help keep you in top oral health for the duration of your existence.


While your teeth are clean and do most of the heavy lifting, flossing helps to clean the hard-to-access areas. Spaces in between your teeth are difficult to reach when flossing. This helps remove foodstuffs between your teeth as well as along the gumline. Additionally, it decreases the possibility of red gums and soreness by removing plaque. Additionally, it decreases the possibility of tooth discoloration by preventing plaque.

Also, flossing prevents tartar from growing which could result in problems, such as gin.


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