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solutions to audio problems when shooting a video. You will however experience audio issues while shooting a video if you do not know the steps to set up the mic correctly. Here are the steps to take when installing microphone booms, without the help of audio professionals.

To set up a boom microphone, you’ll need a cstand, a boompole holders and a griphead. When you have connected the boom microphone to the c-stand, you should place the boom mic above the person making the presentation. It is recommended to raise the microphone gradually until it’s clear of the frame.

In order to ensure that the end of the microphone doesn’t interfere with the video frame To ensure that the mic’s tip does not interfere with the video frame, wrap a light-colored piece of paper on the other side of the zeppelin. It is also possible to set up a light stand on top of the stand to help increase the stability.

The best thing to do is you also wrapped the XLR cable around the pole’s length , in an arc to prevent them from entering the video frame. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to set up an overhead boom microphone by yourself at the following link. 4q4ht1z5lk.

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