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sed all across the country as well as around the globe. It is likely that you have heard of the regular plugs you use at home or in your work office, but do you know the others you can use to serve different needs? In this video, we will go over everything you need to know about NEMA electricity cords.

NEMA L630 comes with three wires, one being a grounded wire, while the other two wires are hot. The power source is designed for 30A , 250V. It is used in industries and therefore may not be noticeable at home or at your office, specifically if you work in an office. NEMA L530 has a 30A capacity, which is less than the other. This can be used to power smaller RVs and generators, as well as food trucks. Perhaps you’ve seen it. This one also has three wires. One wire is neutral, and the other being hot.

This video will explain everything that you should learn about NEMA energy cords.


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