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Semi truck wheels are at times a headache and joy to control. The video “How to Reset semi truck wheel seals Step-by-Step. The Owner Operator Truck Repair DIY concentrates on replacing the semi truck’s wheel seals. When changing the wheel seals it is important to be mindful of how they move the wheel. It is important to remove the seal swiftly so as not to cause additional damage.

In order to replace the wheels on semi-trucks, it is necessary to use an spud wrench. This will allow you to remove the bolt and slow it down. When you take these bolts off make sure you note on which side you remove them from. Following that, employ vice grips, or clamp the wheel with a vise. It is done to hold it on the wheel while working on other bolts with the other hand.

After all bolts are removed, you can use a socket wrench for each edge of your wheel in order to exert downward pressure and then take the seal off. Utilize a quick-release tool to change the seal. Replace it as needed. Before you start your vehicle, be sure you’ve secure each end. After a semi-truck repair, your wheel will be secure for use.


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