Looking Back on Metro Accidents 10 Years Later – FNBWB

Allowing trains to avoid head-on collisions with trains by choosing routes that branch off.

This malfunction caused communications to be lost as two red-line trains were able to collide.

Jeanice McMillan, a 42-year-old locomotive engineer from Springfield, Virginia, caught the news of what was happening and was aware that a train would collide with her train. She then determined to activate the train’s emergency breaks. The train operator was unaware of what was about to transpire, the other train’s operator was unable to react quickly enough and was moving to full speed at the time the two trains met.

A train that was traveling at its full speed sped straight over McMillan’s train crushing the front compartment before the death of McMillan as well as eight others passengers. In the metro crash, at least 80 people injured.

The speed of trips on the red line have decreased in the accident zone following the Metro accident. Metro also no longer operates an ATC system.

Fort Totten Station was given A memorial plaque was erected to honour the deceased and heroes who came forward. A memorial park was also constructed beside Blair Memorial Gardens on the sixth anniversary of the collision. 3pngndukcl.

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