Learn About Implicit Bias Police Training – Cityers

department of law enforcement, like the New York Police Department are employing implicit bias in training for police to combat the trend.

The Implicit bias training program is designed to assist officers to understand how unconscious bias can have an impact on their actions, even when they are not afflicted with explicit biases. During the training, officers go through an eight-hour or seven-hour course where they are taught how implicit bias is a result of science.

Social scientists have reservations about the effectiveness of the program, but Noble Wray and Lorie Fridell–the instructors of the program — believe that the training will lead to significant changes regarding police behaviour. Lorie Fridell was inspired to start the program once she realized that although most officers are highly motivated and have good intentions, their biases may result in discriminatory acts in their operations.

Although the program’s long-term benefits have yet to be evaluated it’s been extremely successful in police departments where the leaders have embraced the concept of correctional reform.


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