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What are pipe chocks. Read on to learn more about pipe chocks.

In the course of pipe transport is crucial that they remain fixed. It’s to ensure that they won’t bounce around the container they’re shipped into. It could scratch the pipe or damage the structure of the pipe. You must ensure you’re following the correct techniques when transporting pipes. Be sure to have proper safety systems in place for your pipes after they arrive from the manufacturer.

They’re constructed of polyethylene and may appear yellow or orange depending the source. They’re used to mark the pipes used for cargo and help in the removal of them. They are available in many sizes to be shipped across different pipes.

Watch this video to see how the product chocks for pipes are used in the real world. Contact a manufacturing company (or the one you work with) to ask about the security measures they employ for transporting pipes. Don’t delay, be sure the pipes reach your business safely today.


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