How to Quickly Clean Your Dryer Ducts – Family Video Movies

Based on the U.S. Fire Administration. It is recommended that dryers be cleaned every year. The DIY task can also be accomplished at times when you’re free. Watch this video to learn the best way to do duct cleaning.

Unplug the dryer from the wall. Unplug it. If the dryer is gas, switch off the gas valve, too. Disconnect the dryer duct, which is located in the rear of the dryer. This will require a dryer-duct kit. The kits are standard and include flexible rods which allow for an maximum of 12 feet inside the air duct. The rods will be joined to each other. The rods are designed to be connected, however for additional security it is possible to tape over every connection using electrical tape. This will eliminate any chances of them breaking. Kit comes with a rotating brush that should be inserted first. Attach a power drill near the rod’s back. As you go, debris, lint, and dirt will start spilling out of the dryer’s duct ahead of you. You’ll soon notice the buildup of lint disappear ahead of your eyes. ia6ajbhk97.

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