Roof Installation Guide – Life Cover Guide

In this video, viewers will be taught how to put in roof shingles.

Installation of the drip edge is the very first step in the roof’s construction. Beginning with one corner nail, you can nail it in every 12-16 inches. It is also recommended to cut the drip edge so that it scissors over the ridge. Do this before placing the felt on top in order to make sure that there’s no chance of water getting behind it. Nails must not be visible from the ground when nailing the drip edge. The drip edge will need to be cut in the proper corners. Following that, place the felt. This makes it so water flows over top edges of drip. Beginning at the bottom and move up. Apply plastic caps for nailing down the felt at intervals of 16 inches. The following step is to set up the starter strip. Also, the shingles can be installed in an overlaid style. Start strips should not be directly placed on the eve. Instaling the shingles is 4th step. Nails must be fired in an angle diagonal. Also, the bridge cap needs to be fitted. Once you’ve cleaned the area and wiped it down, you can install the ridge cap.


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