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Do you want to add some light details to your home?

These are the tips you should keep in mind when uplighting trees. First, determine the light angle. Based on the location of your tree, do you need to light it from different angles? What’s the size and form of the tree? This info will allow you to choose the spot and the power of the lighting fixtures.

Place the fixture at the bottom of the tree’s trunk and bring it to the tree. It is important to ensure that the fixture is unnoticeable and is an accent for the tree and not a stand-alone feature. Prominent fixtures can make it difficult to see the tree. Natural, subtle light is more appealing than flashy and annoying light fixtures. Direct the glow of your light toward the branches of the tree and not towards the lawn. It creates an impact that complements the yard and trees. Make sure to choose lights that are too heavy or loud can cause an issue in making a gentle glowing.


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