Troubleshooting Your Refrigeration Repair – Discovery Videos

1. Condenser Colils that are dirty Condenser Colils Condenser coils are situated in the base of the appliance. Evaporator coils are likely to be located behind the back panels. They release heat from the liquid when it flows through the coils. Use a condenser brush to scrub the coils. In this way, heat dissipates and cools down in a proper manner. Bad AC fan motor. An inoperative AC fan motor can cause AC problems with cooling. An AC fan motor that isn’t turning at a good speed or has a damaged blade is a sign that there is a mechanical issue. If the motor is getting energy but it isn’t running or turn on, the motor may have stopped electrically.

3. EFM FFM – Defective Evaporator Motor Replace the fan blades in the event that it is noisy.

4. The Start Relay may be defective, Capacitor, or even the capacitor itself may fail to switch the compressor on or off properly. Airflow issues can be caused by frost buildup on the evaporator coils while they pass through them. You can get a unit that has an automated defrost system.

5. Malfunctioning Temperature Control Board can cause malfunctioning cooling systems, unpredictable system performance, or even the refrigerator not functioning at all. Check that the other components work properly before you look into replacing or repairing the thermostat control board in your refrigerator. nksft3i6pd.

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