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Here are some easy repair ideas on how you can do gas stove repairs in your home.

Step 1: You must to open the valve for gas.
First, you will need to reach the gas valve behind your stove. Switch off the valve. It allows the valve to stop flow of gas. This is a security precaution to follow the next couple of steps.

Step 2: Find the ignition switch located on the stove.
The igniter will be evident on the upper part on the top of the cooker. If you own a conventional gas stove, you have to raise the top of your stove to access the ignitors below.

Step 3: Take out and replace the igniter.
Now you can remove or replace the malfunctioning ignitor. Place the new one onto the stove. Ensure that you put all the wires in proper place and observe how it operates.

4. Check to see if it is working.
The easiest way to know if it works if the ignitor appears to be red and there’s sparks. You are ready to go!

To better understand gas stove repairs, watch this instructional video. bv38hkuhpn.

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