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Grease traps are crucial in keeping greases and other solids out of the water treatment system.

Commercial kitchens must have a grease trap on their premises as laws require. Cooking constantly creates an abundance of oils, fats, greases, and solids (FOGS) that of which many end into the kitchen waste.

This is why it is crucial to install an oil trap to keep FOGS getting into the sewers and blockage of its.

Commercial food shop owners are aware of the necessity of cleaning out the grease trap frequently. The frequency at which oils and fats are involved in the cooking process It is recommended cleaning the grease trap once every 3 to 6 months.

Make sure you have all the equipment needed before you start the process of cleaning the trap. You’ll need the equipment includes a shop vacuum to suction out the grease, a scraper for cleaning the tank, as well as a wrench and crowbar if you’re required to remove them and open the lid of the trap.

Protect your clothes and skin. In order to prevent grease from staining clothes, use rubber gloves made from premium rubber. Additionally, wear a face mask to avoid the foul odor from overwhelming your sense of smell. nhkjt1vri2.

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