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It’s a significant amount of money paid to the court so that you can leave jail and get back to routine prior to the trial. Bail insurance proves that you will be in judge for the trial. There are bail bonds available should you be unable to afford bail. CNBC discusses who benefits from bail bonds.

You can get your bail back if you’re in a position to take care of bail payments on your own. There is no one who earns money. However, most people need the bail bond. Bail bond agencies are typically the one who makes money in this situation.

Your bail is paid by the bail bond agency. After that, you have to make a payment to the bail bond agent backwith fees. If you are found innocent and convicted, the bail bond business is the one to pay for your bail, not the bail bond company, as you were not the person that put up the bail. Bail only goes to the individual or organization who pays for bail.

There are laws in some states that limit the amount bail bond agencies can be charged. In California as an example charges are 10 percent for the bail. If the bail amount is $50,000 that means the charge will be $5,000. 87gisas6vd.

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