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This video can help If you’re unfamiliar regarding this birth condition. Through this instructional video you’ll discover the causes, signs and remedies for spina bifida , so you can fully understand it. It is Latin and means “split back” due to what the symptoms look as. It can occur during pregnancy when the neural tube which eventually creates the spinal cord is not closing correctly.

The condition can be of differing levels of severity. This condition may lead to paralysis and seizures in severe cases. This condition is considered to be the least serious and is most of the time invisible. People with this one won’t necessarily experience any symptoms. The causes remain largely unknown, although there are risks associated in the presence of deficiency vitamins. A prenatal diagnosis is the most popular method for diagnosing the condition. In some cases, blood tests or ultrasounds may be required. Postnatal and prenatal surgeries may be an option if it is detected early enough. However, additional treatments may be required. 3iice6385n.

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