How Do Bail Bonds Work in Colorado? – Home Town Colorado

There is a chance that you’re wondering about the length of time your loved one will remain in Colorado jail and how you can do to aid them get out. To make sure everything goes smoothly when they are navigating the effects of arrest on their lives is crucial that they know how the legal system operates.

Anyone who is arrested in Colorado typically is transported to jail but not prison. At that point they’re waiting for a hearing with a judge. The judge will set the bail amount for their case in the course of that hearing. The bail amount varies based on specifics such as the individual’s criminal record and risk of flight. Though the figure may appear excessive, if your loved ones attend all court appearances and is in good standing, they’ll get their funds returned.

There aren’t many people with enough money on hand to pay their own bail, though. The bail bond company can help. In exchange for a modest fee which is usually 15% of the bail amount or $50, in Colorado, the bail bond agency pays the bail of the person who is arrested. You will not need to contribute any more so long as they show up to every court date. cmufjzppkc.

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