How Are Oak Wooden Barrels Made? – South Anchorage Farmers Market

Have you ever thought about how those wooden barrels are made before they make it at your doorstep? Let’s explore how oak wooden barrels are designed for preservation of spirits. First, the wood arrives. In some manufacturing facilities, the wood is cut, but not sawed. This is beneficial to the wood’s structural integrity as it is formed into barrels. The wood won’t arrive freshly split, either. It’s dried for two or three years outside before being shipped for storage. In the meantime the wood has to be made special to be able is able to be transformed into barrels. The first thing that has to be done is that the planks of wood (also known as staves) need to be inserted into a temporary hoop. When they’ve been correctly put in place, the staves will arrive in various sizes. This makes it difficult for them to be cut into consistent size. It’s captivating to observe. This can be done to make a barrel could be used for the aging of spirits. It’s really quite fascinating! hc1z4ux13t.

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