VanLiving Veteran Converts Ram ProMaster – DIY Projects for Home

It moved from a bare freight van into a totally self indulgent portable space.

The van comes complete with a complete mattress at front lying side to side over the back wheel wells, which is roughly 6’2″ wide. The mattress is just roughly 1/3rd up from a ground of this van.

The front part of the van has electronic equipment and other needed materials over the driver’s seat. Directly for thisparticular, a mountain bike can be stored. That was actually a 3×7′ open-space leading into a combo bathroom shower area when opening the side door. The shower comes with a custom made shower pan sitting directly on the van’s floor, leaving extra headspace above right into a fan. The van boasts a tape toilet for easier control than having to deal with a full tank.

The cooking area consists of a Twoburner propane stove, a custom sink, and also extra storage near a tall hanging cupboard. Six 100-watt solar panels are attached to the roof, supplying every one of the van’s electrical demands. All gas and gas vessels are located under the mattress and open to the surface at which crucial. 5szub2nicr.

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